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Alex’s wood-fired pizza has a light, fluffy crust and a base that’s crisp on the outside, tender and chewy within, just like Neapolitan pizza should be. Our sourdough bases take at least 24 hours to rise slowly, ensuring the special taste that’s typical of pizza from Naples.

Each pizza is shaped by hand just before it’s cooked to order – that’s why the crust is so light and delicious when it’s baked to perfection in the super-hot wood-fired oven. Each pizza takes around just 90 seconds to cook. That’s how it’s done in Naples!

Alex’s pizza crust contains just three ingredients: flour, water and a little salt. The sourdough is powered by the natural yeasts found in the flour and in the air around us. That’s it: no additives of any kind.

Alex’s sauce is made from San Marzano tomatoes – the best for pizza. The cheese is mozzarella, with Alex’s signature secret touch for an extra pop of flavour. A range of delicious toppings complements the tasty base – including pork from our own home-reared rare-breed pigs. Try it in Alex’s signature sausage pizza!